Nintendo quietly made a big announcement in 2018 with the launch of Nintendo Labo, which involves DIY cardboard accessories that can transform the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into everything from a fishing rod to a piano to a full-on robot suit. These accessories are used to control a variety of mini-games, essentially turning the Switch tablet into a tiny arcade. The goal of Labo is to get kids involved in playing games on the Switch in a more hands-on, tactile way.


Context of the Program

Float will be working with one lucky brand to create a branded Nintendo Labo experience. The experience will include a Nintendo Switch game that is paired with a DIY kit. Brands that apply should show a determination to either expand their gaming presence or enter the gaming market due to the fact that their brand resonates highly with the Nintendo Switch market. Brands that demonstrate a propensity for social responsibility with a desire to encourage kids to be more hands-on will have a significant advantage.


Why Apply

The gaming market is growing significantly with Nintendo selling more Switch devices than the company ever anticipated. This market is growing and the launch of Nintendo Labo brings new attention to the console. Brands that create innovative experiences for Labo will have an opportunity to capitalize on media attention and organic downloads by being first to market. Float will only be selecting one brand to partner within 2019 so apply now!




San Francisco, CA