The virtual salon is a first of it’s kind interactive salon experience that allows visitors to see themselves in different hairstyles. Visitors enter the space and sit at one of the salon stations. Their dedicated hair stylist puts on their cape and pulls back their hair for a photo. Within seconds the mirror in front of them turns into an interactive screen where they can choose different hair colors/styles and watch themselves magically transform on screen. Visitors can send photos to share on social media right from the chair.


Context of the Program

Augmented Reality beauty applications have been on the rise ever since L’Oreal introduced the Makeup Genius. Sephora followed suit and now every brand is looking at their own applications of augmented reality. Float is introducing a new take on the augmented beauty salon by creating a virtual hair stylist. With physical and digital applications, the virtual hair stylist enables consumers to see themselves with different looks, driven by the products they can purchase to achieve that look. Brands with a focus on hair care products will have a significant advantage in being chosen.  


Why Apply

Augmented beauty is changing how consumers shop for their beauty products. All shoppers want the ability to try before they buy, with beauty being a top industry for the need to test products in person. Technology innovation is allowing that testing to occur seamlessly and digitally, driving significant growth for brands that leverage the tech in new, innovative ways. If you need more proof, just look into L’Oreal’s acquisition of Modiface.  




San Francisco, CA