A year in review

From illumiroom style projection mapping to gesture recognition gaming to velocity tracking workouts, it’s been an action-packed year for Float. Take a look at the highlights which are sure to spark some creative juices for your 2019 brand experiences.

Shire ACAAI Interactive Floor

Shire’s Takhzyro brand launched a new advertising campaign. The Company wanted to bring their campaign to life at the Annual Science Meeting (ACAAI) in Seattle, WA and partnered with Sandbox and Float to create an interactive experience.

Leveraging a 25' x 13' video wall, 20' x 20' LED floor, and motion tracking sensors, Float enabled conference visitors to activate content with their movements. Color bursts emitted from visitors’ footprints as they walked about the LED floor, recreating the advertising campaign design with real time generative art.

NDA Leading Car Manufacturer

A major domestic auto-maker approached Float with an innovative Augmented Reality display system. Float created a series of prototypes to investigate technical, perceptual, and user experience questions. We used our expertise with novel interaction design paradigms, non-traditional display systems, and three-dimensional design and motion skills to come up with a compelling look for the potential in-car displays of the future.

Nissan College Football

This year Nissan innovated with their College Football Mobile Tour. The brand partnered with The Marketing Arm and Float to embed interactive technology into their tailgate experience. Every Saturday at schools around the country, fans were treated to a host of interactive Nissan experiences. The Nissan fan zone was featured at 55 schools and a select number of schools hosted the Nissan Mobile Tour, a 50-foot converted semi-truck.

Inside the semi, fans encounter two high tech Nissan game challenges. “Run the Route” where fans have to move in and out of interactive lanes to collect coins and avoid obstacles, and “Precision Passing” where fans throw digital footballs at targets to score the most points. Both games leverage gesture recognition and skeletal tracking technology to bring fans into the football experience.

Luxottica University

Luxottica University has a robust list of courses for Luxottica partners to learn about the eyewear category and Luxottica brands. The company leveraged Float IQ to personalize those learning paths by making course recommendations customized for each individual.

Luxottica partners answer a series of questions that when completed, reveals their recommended learning path. With the click of a button, an email is sent containing the associated courses, with the option to tack on additional educational resources. Email data is collected on quiz participants to continue the conversation post-quiz. From optometrists to eyewear sales reps, hundreds of participants received a custom learning plan via the interactive quiz stationed in the Luxottica booth at Vision Expo West.


For the past three years, Float has designed and developed Ray-Ban's Smart Tables for the brands semi-annual Vison Expo show. Equipped with RFID technology, the smart tables enable consumers to place any pair of Ray-Ban glasses onto the table to trigger content personalized to that pair of glasses.

The smart tables are also equipped with touch screen displays so that consumers can learn more about the different Ray-Ban campaigns and new product launches with the tap of their finger. A new feature unveiled in 2018 is the Ideal Assortment tool, which recommends personalized assortments for retailers. By answering a series of questions pertaining to their store attributes, like door size and eyewear type, retailers receive a recommended Planogram with the ideal number of Ray-Ban products and their optimal placement on shelf.


Float, Samsung and Encore Worldwide partnered in 2018 to bring Samsung’s new QLED displays on the road for gaming and college football fans across the country. A converted 50-foot semi-trailer was kitted out with experiences tailored to the target market, with stops including E3, Comic Con, College Football games from coast to coast, and major retail stores including Best Buy and Fry’s.

The experience kicked off at E3 in June. Equipped with racing pods, a GIF booth, and a projection mapping showcase, the converted truck had lines wrapped around the corner with fans waiting to check out the new QLED televisions.

The projection mapping showcase became an instant hit, bringing fans into the world of Forza Motorsport. Float leveraged four high lumen projectors to create a fully immersive experience that transformed the room for viewers.

The gaming experience was converted for football fans at the start of College Football season. The projection mapping room transformed into an interactive football game, whereby fans had to catch digital footballs as fast as possible using their quick footwork and receiver hands. Leaderboards showcased the top scores, and scores were sent to each player in a recap email, with player data collected for the brand.

Michelob ULTRA

Built by technology, powered by the people. That was the theme of a highly unique outdoor workout experience executed in partnership between Float and Michelob ULTRA.

The event featured four workout stations, all equipped with Float’s sensor technology. Each station monitored the intensity of the participants, which powered the digital signage of the infamous LA Live in downtown Los Angeles.

Cameras tracked the velocity of movement at each workout station and translated that information to the display screens. The content on all five giant LA Live screens changed in real time based on the station’s workout scores. The collective group had one common goal… fill up the four digital glasses with Michelob ULTRA to unlock happy hour.

Float IQ

Float IQ enables brands to create a series of questions that when answered, reveals recommendations tailored to the individual user. It’s a Buzzfeed quiz on steroids, and offers brands an opportunity to capture valuable data on their consumers attributes, while delivering a personalized experience that converts shoppers into buyers. Brands from Ray-Ban to Ghirardelli leveraged Float IQ in 2018 with applications in retail, trade shows, events, and online. The cost efficiency and scalability of Float IQ will make it a growth driver for many brands in 2019.


Spafax leveraged Float IQ to deliver personalized music playlist recommendations. Visitors at the annual APEX Conference in Boston were invited to take a tablet-based quiz to find their Spafax Sound, a curated Spotify playlist by DJ Venus. Visitors could then text the playlist to their phone.

Following the successful trade show implementation, Spafax brought the quizzing experience online to their brand website. This expanded the reach of the quiz by allowing anyone to discover their Spafax Sound, while providing the brand with valuable data on quiz participants.


The LA Clippers “Fast Break Challenge” is an interactive fan experience featured during Clippers “Hoop Day” events throughout the season. The game, created in partnership between the Clippers and Float, uses skeletal tracking technology to allow fans to become the player in a first-person experience.

While dribbling a basketball, fans must avoid obstacles and collect coins by moving in and out of designated road lanes. The players body becomes the remote control as they navigate through a 90 second track that ends at the iconic Staples Center, the home of the Clippers. The more coins you collect and less obstacles you hit, the better your score. The experience traveled across Los Angeles throughout the season, and is back in action for the 2019 season.

Bud Light Festival Chatbot

Float and Bud Light brought music fans a unique chatbot experience at Festivals around the country. Fans that texted “GoodMusic” to 83923 were sent exclusive messages from the Bud Light Dive Bar Sessions, featuring artists including Mikky Ekko, Sur, and the Sunbathers. The chatbot was featured at festivals including Panorama, Lollapalooza, Firefly and Superfly, with personalized text messages driving consumers to the Bud Light experience, while collecting valuable consumer data for the brand.

NDA Medical Client

Augmented reality is viewed as a disruptive technology in many industries. One area of particular activity is in the medical field. A major research hospital and medical center turned to Float to help create a demonstration of the use of augmented reality in turning 2D layered scans into 3D interactive holograms that enable specialists to more effectively visualize and understand their patients’ conditions. Float was a founding developer on the Hololens and was a natural fit for the project, bringing expertise in implementation and interface design so that the significant benefits of the system could be demonstrated to prospective investors and clients.


Drinkworks made waves this year with the Company’s announcement of the Home Bar, a Keurig style machine for beer and cocktails. The new brand needed a way to communicate with their internal Sales and Marketing organization on how to successfully launch the product in market, and partnered with Float to create a mobile app for their field teams.The Sales Playbook app featured all of the content that any field staff would need to understand and effectively sell and market the product at retail.

The mobile app was available only to the company’s internal stakeholders as an Enterprise Application for both iOS and Android. Float built the application to enable Drinkworks to track the users and personalize the experience by only displaying content relevant to the user’s department, which was controlled in an administrator portal.


Float partnered with Ghirardelli in 2018 to recommend dark chocolate flavors to consumers based on their individual tastes and preferences. Leveraging Float IQ, Ghirardelli offered consumers an interactive quiz at the annual Sweets and Snacks expo in Chicago. By answering a series of questions pertaining to flavor preferences, consumers were recommended a personalized Ghirardelli dark chocolate flavor, and provided a sample of that chocolate by a brand ambassador. Tying sampling into intelligent recommendations created a highly immersive experience for Ghirardelli’s target market.

Kicks USA

KicksUSA understands the importance of the retail experience and showed what that means this year with a spectacular 120-foot LED video wall in its Queens, New York store.

The innovative Philadelphia based shoe retailer tapped Float to create stunning 12k video content to amaze customers and drive foot traffic. The video wall content features various scenes of 3D animated motion graphics work that creates an immersive in-store experience. The wall can be seen all the way down the street on the high trafficked Jamaica Avenue in Queens and is continuously updated with fresh, consumer centric content.

Anheuser Busch Smart Keg

Anheuser Busch teamed up with Float to create a first of its kind smart keg for the company’s Love Beer Fest in St. Louis and Washington DC. The smart keg allowed festival visitors to input their phone number to get text message updates about the whereabouts of the keg as it makes its way from the festival, to the brewery and ultimately to a bar near you.

The Smart Keg was personalized for each brand so that branded stations had their own version of the experience. Bud Light, Budweiser and Michelob ULTRA all activated the Smart Keg, delivering a unique experience for festival visitors, while collecting valuable consumer data.


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