Anheuser Busch and Float Create the Smart Keg

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

This year Anheuser Busch brought their first ever Love Beer Fest to St. Louis and Washington DC. The festival was an opportunity to experience beer at its best, offering attendees the chance to taste over 100 brands from breweries across the country, as well as check out live music performances, food and games. Also making its first ever appearance was the company’s newly introduced Smart Keg.

Built in partnership with Float Hybrid, the smart keg is equipped with a tablet display that allows registered users to track the lifecycle of the keg via SMS. Participants get text updates when the keg arrives at the brewery, gets filled, leaves for its final location, and then finally gets tapped at a bar near them.

Three brands participated in the Smart Keg including Bud Light, Budweiser and Michelob ULTRA. Custom registration pages were built for each brand, personalizing the experience for consumers. Each brands keg is tracked separately, and updates are shared only with visitors who registered at that keg.

The Smart Keg brings consumers closer the brewery process and offers the opportunity to see a keg go from an empty display piece to a full flowing bar favorite.


San Francisco, CA