Float and Ghirardelli deliver a valuable Photo Mosaic message

Photo mosaics are a provenly effective tool to engage consumers, and now they are also a valuable mechanism to build company culture. Float and Ghirardelli recently partnered to create a brand mosaic comprised of photos of the hundreds of Ghirardelli employees that drive the brands success every day. The message is clear, companies are all about their people, and these people are the lifeblood of the business.

The photo mosaic was featured at Ghirardelli’s annual company conference where all employees were given the opportunity to place their photo onto the mosaic. The final nine mosaic photos were applied by a representative from each of the major business departments, showcasing the value each brings to delivering on Ghirardelli’s mantra of making life a bite better for its customers.

Business Challenge: Deliver on the message that Ghirardelli's employees are the lifeblood of their business and mantra of "make life a bite better".

Setting: Annual company conference for all Ghirardelli employees

Solution: Photo mosaic comprised of the head shots of all Ghirardelli employees

Float's Role: Creative Design, Technology Development, Experience Implementation, On-Site Video Production


San Francisco, CA