Float’s Favorites - May 2019

Each month Float publishes a top 10 list of the best marketing activations and experiences. We feature brands from all walks of life creating great experiences of all shapes and sizes. This month we highlight dressing room freezers, personality quizzes, ugly sweaters and more.

Here we go...

10) HBO – Game of Thrones Augmented Reality Experience

The Game of Thrones Snapchat lens takeover of New York City’s Flatiron Building was an amazing showcase of the power of augmented reality in creating branded experiences living in the wild. The lens showcased the Game of Thrones dragon landing on top of the Flatiron Building before the building is covered in ice.

9) Nike – Unlimited Stadium

The Nike Unlimited Stadium remains one of the most impressive branded activations of the last decade. The track uses RFID technology attached to the runner’s shoe to time their first lap. Using LED panels the runner can then pace themselves in avatar form to improve upon their lap time. Each lap is recorded and incorporated into the run, and the stadium itself is shaped like a massive footprint spanning an entire city block. Now that is experiential done right.

8) Canada Goose – Dressing Room Freezers

Canada Goose shoppers can now try on their coats in frigid conditions, right from their retail stores. The company has created freezer rooms with temperatures as low as -13 degrees in a select number of stores. These stores not only enable consumers to test the performance of their luxury coats, they have also become selfie magnets.

7) Ruavieja – Life's Too Short

Pernod Ricard brand Ruavieja took a unque take on the holidays last year, encouraging people to put their phones down and interact with those around them. The emotional spot, accompanied with a custom microsite, demonstrated how little time people have with their loved ones, and why it’s important to maximize that time.

6) Helsingin Sanomat – Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat was another example of a company that leveraged the holidays last year to deliver a highly unique campaign. The newspaper released a line of ugly Christmas Sweaters depicting some of the ugliest news reports of the year including climate change, sexual harassment, ocean plastic, and war. The newspaper aimed to put a spotlight on these topics with the tagline of the campaign “The truth may be ugly, but it never goes out of style”.

5) Burger King – Whopper Detour

This ingenious campaign by Burger King allowed customers to purchase a Whopper for a single penny, as long as they were near a McDonalds and using the Burger King app to do so. The brand used geo-fencing technology to recognize a consumers location when they are near a McDonalds. The app then unlocks the penny deal when they get within 600 feet and detours their route to the closest Burger King.

4) Childish Gambino – Multi Player Augmented Reality Game

Following Childish Gambino’s partnership with Google earlier this year when the pair released a playmoji character in the artists likeness, the duo are at it again and have officially launched a multiplayer augmented reality game entitled Pharos AR. The game takes players on a journey through an AR portal that allows friends to explore the trippy worlds of Gambino’s mind, with the artists music as the soundtrack.

3) Payless – The Payless Experiment

A brilliant experiential activation by Payless earned the brand unprecedented levels of media coverage. The Payless Experiment was a fake store in downtown Las Angeles called Palessi (how clever). The store claimed to sell luxury footwear to a crowd of high profile influencers, when in actuality all products sold in the store were $20 Payless shoes. The truth was revealed to shoppers after they praised the shoes on camera for their quality and elegance. The video and story went viral driving valuable earned media and an admirable ROI.

2) Adobe – Discover your creative personality

We talk constantly about the power of quizzes here at Float, and this is a perfect example of interactive quizzing creating immense value for a brand. The “Discover your creative personality” quiz by Adobe went viral as people from all walks of life discovered their creative personality, and how that compared to friends and family.

1) New Balance – Real Time Exception Spotting

During fashion week in New York, New Balance created an AI window display that spotted fashion trendsetters on the streets of New York. Unsuspecting pedestrians deemed fashionable by the brands computer vision technology were rewarded with a free pair of shoes and an appearance on a digital outdoor display.

Creating great brand experiences requires thinking outside of the box. We are living in an experience economy where consumers value interactivity and shareable moments that break through the monotony. When your brand is ready to create its next great experience, shoot us a note at inquiries@floathybrid.com.


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