Tools to Maximize the ROI of Trade Shows

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Trade shows have grown exponentially in recent years, as there is seemingly an expo for virtually every industry. There is even a trade show for trade shows. The cost of representing your company at a trade show is significant, and once you account for floor space, exhibit booth design/development, and T&E for attendees, the costs add up rather quickly. If all that money is going to be spent, it would be wise to maximize the value of that investment.

Trade shows are a powerful mechanism to connect with customers and offer a unique opportunity to be in the same room with an entire industry of partners, all at once. This creates occasion for deepening relationships and expanding selling opportunities, while collecting valuable data to better influence conversations post show.

In a trade show environment though, company employees have limited time to engage with booth visitors to identify their needs and make sound recommendations. Making that time count is of utmost importance. For this reason, leading companies are leveraging technology solutions to personalize conversations and automate the process of collecting customer information and disseminating that information to the right personnel. This is where intelligent check-in stations and interactive quizzes come into play.

Intelligent Check-In Stations

It’s one thing to scan a booth visitor’s badge to capture their name and company, it’s a entirely different ballgame when that check in process produces a detailed report including how that person/company fits into your CRM and how to best engage them based on their current position in the customer journey.

That’s the value of intelligent check-in stations. Your company has a wealth of information on existing and potential customers and harnessing that information as part of the check in process ensures your employees maximize the impact of the conversation to create powerful sales opportunities.

An effective intelligent check-in station connects to your internal customer database and features a user interface that allows staff at the trade show to quickly assess the information and personalize the conversation based on the critical factors.

Interactive Quizzes

Our Float IQ platform is not just a powerful digital tool, it’s an effective trade show mechanism to personalize recommendations for visitors based on their unique characteristics. Interactive quizzes ask visitors a series of questions that create a profile of that customer based on their answers. That profile is matched with product and service recommendations which can then be sent to the customer for further action post show.

Interactive quizzes are a highly effective assisted selling tool. They create self-service opportunities when booth employees are not able to speak directly with a visitor, or a mechanism for employees to mutually engage using a less intrusive sales tactic that breaks down barriers with the customer.

Case Study: Luxottica University

Float and Luxottica University partnered to implement both interactive quizzes and intelligent check-in stations at Vision Expo East in New York. The Expo is an opportunity for Luxottica to connect with its eyewear retailers all over the country.

Luxottica University is the learning group within Luxottica that provides educational materials and courses to retailers to advance their eyewear category expertise. The brand has a robust database of registered University customers, and the more customers that register, the more opportunities they have to learn. Two core objective of being at Vision Expo are personalizing the learning paths of registered Luxottica University customers, and registering new customers so they can begin learning through the platform.

Intelligent Check-In Station: The Luxottica University intelligent check-in stations enabled employees to check in booth visitors to determine whether they were already registered or needed to sign up to start taking advantage of the University educational content.

If already registered, visitors could add other members of their practice not currently active on the platform or go directly to the interactive quiz to find learning paths that are best suited to them. If not registered, customers could submit their information to get signed up. Reps for that account were then sent an email with notification that the customer checked in at the expo and should be contacted based on the necessary next steps.

Interactive Quiz: After checking in, the Luxottica University interactive quiz made personalized learning path recommendations to customers based on their customer profile. The quiz asked customers a series of questions pertaining to their role, subject expertise, and customer behavior. Based on their answers, a personalized learning path was delivered, and could be sent to their email to register for the recommended classes post expo.

The intelligent check in stations and interactive quizzes not only created a pipeline for reps to follow up with booth visitors, they enabled employees on-site to tailor the conversation to better personalize and maximize the value of the limited time available with each customer.

Luxottica University has wisely adopted technology to make their trade show experience work harder for the brand. Trade shows can be a powerful tool to develop marketing and sales opportunities, but it’s up to companies to make the right decisions to maximize the impact of their space.


San Francisco, CA