Spafax Uses Float IQ to engage with trade show attendees

Spafax had a novel idea to recommend playlists to people based on their individual tastes and preferences. What they needed was a software tool to bring the concept to life.

The brand teamed up with Float to leverage our Float IQ technology. The result… a quiz that creates profiles of consumers based on their answers to a series of questions, and matches that profile with a recommended playlist.

All playlists are curated by the talented DJ Venus, with moods that match the user’s answers. Questions range from drink preference to spirit animal to how people feel about surprise parties.

Each answer tells the software something about the user. Once the quiz is finished, a complete profile is compiled, and the recommended playlist revealed. Users can then text the playlist to their phone by inputting their phone number. The link takes them straight to Spotify where they can begin enjoying their personalized playlist.


San Francisco, CA