Using Float IQ to Create the Perfect Holiday Quiz

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Let’s face it, consumers hate racking their brains trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. That is why most consumers will just buy the top selling items. In fact, the best-selling products during the first 9 months of the year will almost certainly be the winning products during this holiday season. So how can you help consumers avoid giving mom and dad the same, tired gift as everyone else?

By implementing Float IQ, you can offer consumers interactive quizzes that make gift recommendations based on the personality traits, likes and interests of the gift recipient. After taking the quiz, recommended products are displayed with the opportunity to add to cart with a single click. Eliminate the guess work, and drive sales this holiday season with intelligent quizzes.

Here is how Float works with leading brands and retailers to create the perfect holiday quiz.

Step 1: Identify product options

The first step is compiling a full list of products that will be the potential quiz results. This can be as extensive as desired and should include a wide range of options.

Step 2: Assign characteristics to the products

All products have characteristics that make them unique. Assign each product as many characteristics as possible. Think beyond the products physical characteristics as making a purchase is often about more than what the consumer can see with their eyes.

Step 3: Group characteristics into categories

There will be a lot of product characteristics coming out of step 2. The key is grouping these into manageable categories that represent the reasons why someone would choose one product over another.

Step 4: Create quiz questions

Now that we have an exhaustive list of categories, we can develop questions for the quiz that when answered, reveal which categories the consumer values. The more questions we ask the more information we have about the consumer to match their personality to the perfect product.

Step 5: Input questions into Float IQ software

Our software is the engine that matches product results with the consumers answers. Each question directs them along a path that ends with the perfect recommendation.

Step 6: Create a call to action

Make sure that once the consumer finishes the quiz, they have a clear call to action. That may be driving the consumer to make a purchase, but it can also be engaging the consumer in a conversation via email or SMS.

Step 7: Publish quiz across all channels:

Float IQ can be executed across all digital and physical channels. From social media quizzes to in-store kiosks, the more people that interact with your quiz the better.



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