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Wingtip Interactive Whiskey Display

Float and Wingtip partner to upsell Premium Whiskey

Wingtip and Float partnered to deliver an innovative whiskey experience for Wingtip shoppers. The retailer leverages Float’s Anything Interactive technology to power a fully interactive whiskey display that talks to consumers as they interact with the various Whiskey brands.


The display delivers product information, distillery videos and educational information pertaining to the featured whiskeys. Shoppers can access drink recipes and learn about the tasting notes and whiskey production process.

When a shopper approaches the display, a welcome message is delivered telling the shopper that the display is interactive. Touching a product triggers content pertaining to that specific whiskey.

The interactive display collects data on the number of shoppers that approach the display, how long those shoppers stand in front of the display, and what products they interact with while at the display.

“The technology changes the way our customers interact with our products, and enhances the ways in which we are able to communicate with our customers,” says Ami Arad, Founder and CEO of Wingtip. “The ability to understand how customers are interacting with your products at shelf is every retailers dream, and this technology puts that information at our fingertips.”

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