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Float and Spafax Showcase 12-Foot-Tall Video Wall in Germany

At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, Spafax introduced a fresh new look. The company's booth featured their new branding with modernized colors and updated graphics.

The highlight of the booth was their giant 12-foot-tall video wall, featuring Spafax’s content, media and inflight entertainment services. Designed by Float, the video wall was comprised of six 55” ultra narrow bezel LCD displays, showcasing gorgeous 6k content.


“We set out to create a unique experience that differentiates Spafax and effectively communicates their products and services in a transformative way,” says Ben Mattress, Creative Director at Float. “The 3x2 video wall was a stunning display.”

Float’s team of animators, designers and 3D artists created content for the 6k display. The 3.5 minute video content demonstrates how Spafax connects their clients with leading brands, creates personalized media across their customer’s networks, and entertains passengers with highly engaging content.

“We designed the content to both grab the attention of the viewer, and seamlessly communicate our message in a short period of time,” adds Mattress. “At 6k resolution, the content needs to be stunning, but also needs to tell a story.”

The story is that Spafax is a leader in the airline content and entertainment industry, with their pulse on emerging technology and media. This came to life with the video wall and the products and services that were on display for conference attendees, including their new Amazon Alexa Skill and “Profile”, the company’s personalized entertainment solution.

Look out for Spafax’s next innovative display at the APEX conference in Long Beach, California on September 25-28 and click here to see how Spafax and Float created an interactive experience at last year’s conference in Singapore.

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