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Music Festival Fans Rejoice: You Can Now Order Beer From Your Phone

Float Hybrid and Tapin2 make it easy to order beer ahead of time and skip the lines.


The feature, powered by Tapin2 and designed by Float Hybrid, will allow fans to order a host of beer and water options straight from their FPSF app. Fans that order through the app can then skip the line by going to designated tents throughout the festival.

To use the order ahead feature fans can:

1. Download the FPSF app

2. Select “Order Beer” and complete purchase

3. Pick up at any of the designated beer tents during the festival

The feature was created as a partnership between mobile ordering software provider Tapin2, digital agency Float Hybrid and concessionaire Spectrum Concessions, with the goal of enhancing the experience for festival attendees. By ordering on their mobile devices, fans do not have to wait in line and deal with scanning their credits cards or handling cash at the register.

“We are hyper focused on the fan experience,” says Keith Bendes, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Float Hybrid, who led the creative design of the feature. “By offering fans a way to purchase drinks directly from their mobile device, we can shorten the wait times and allow fans to maximize their time in front of the stage.”

FPSF has become more than just a music festival, and continues to innovate with new technologies that empower festival goers. There is something for every fan and mobile order ahead is yet another feature that differentiates FPSF from other festivals.

The order ahead feature is powered by Tapin2’s SmartVenue™ software. The software allows festivals to create mobile marketplaces to enhance customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and generate new revenue with food & drink pickup and delivery.

“Mobile ordering enables festivals to sell more beer to a wider audience,” says Dustin Alpert, VP of Sales and Business Development at Tapin2. “We know the influence mobile payments is having on consumer behavior, especially with millennials, the primary attendees of festivals."

The order ahead feature is integrated within the existing FPSF mobile app, making it easy for fans to engage. Tapin2 worked directly with Spectrum Concessions to ensure fast and efficient fulfillment of all mobile orders.

“Integration is the key to success. The process has to be simple, reliable, and seamless for the festival attendee,” says Alpert. “By integrating with the FPSF mobile app and Spectrum Concessions, we can ensure that we are delivering the best experience to every fan.”

Festivals and music venues of all sizes are looking to utilize technology to drive innovation with an increasingly digital consumer. Cashless payments for food & drink delivery has been an area that has seen explosive growth due to the benefits to fans. That growth will continue as Tapin2 and Float have plans to expand the feature to other venues.

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