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Fan Kicks Selects Float Hybrid as Agency of Record

Float Hybrid was named agency of record by Fan Kicks, a revolutionary new footwear company. Float will lead all visual brand identity work and will provide ongoing strategic planning, social media strategy, experiential marketing, web design and development services for Fan Kicks.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership,” said Rob Dyer, CEO of Fan Kicks. “Float’s expertise in technology development and creative design makes them a perfect fit for our brand. We have aggressive goals for the Fan Kicks brand in the coming year and Float’s team will play a key role in reaching those goals.”

Fan Kicks is a premium casual footwear brand that combines an all-new patented interchangeable shoe technology with a variety of major sports and entertainment licenses. The patented technology allows consumers to zip off the sole of the shoe and reattach any new design. The Company uses on-demand inkjet printing and a proprietary graphic design pipeline to offer an endless range of designs ranging from classic logos to full color works of art. This has never been practically possible before, as previously shoes would have to be pre-made in 20+ sizes, with the result being that companies would have to be extremely selective with the number of designs they create.

“Fan Kicks is a brand that is leveraging cutting edge technology to redefine eCommerce”, said Keith Bendes, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Float. “This is a new wave of brands built in the digital era and we are excited to partner with such an innovative brand to accelerate growth.”

In order to fully benefit from on-demand inkjet printing, the speed with which new designs can be introduced is critical. Float has already partnered with the brand to build the technology pipeline that enables Fan Kicks to bring new designs to market quickly and cost efficiently. A new design can be seen on a shoe in less than an hour.

As a result, custom designs for brands and companies are possible, with a rapid turnaround. “There are enormous opportunities for companies to showcase their brands, whether it be at trade shoes, for their employees or for their customers" said Dyer. “Companies can get designs on peoples feet in less than a week, they can order only the sizes they want and they can re-order additional shoes or new upper designs as they require.”

The duo also launched an upgraded website and visual identity last month and will look to expand the brands social presence. With a focus on sports and entertainment markets, experiential will be a core component of Fan Kick’s marketing strategy. The brand has already earned the title #1 coolest MLB fan swag for 2018 from CBS Sports.

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