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Float and Paramount Release Ben-Hur Xbox One Game


Float has partnered with Paramount, AOL and Krome Studios to develop a companion game for the upcoming Ben-Hur movie, in theaters August 19th.

The Xbox One exclusive game allows fans to experience the intense brutality, and fast paced action of chariot racing in an interactive experience. The Game was developed to showcase the action, drama, and intensity of the Roman chariot races. Players take the reins of a four horse chariot and race against the greatest charioteers in the Roman Empire. Like no other game before it, Ben-Hur seeks to bring the experience of the movie into the living room. Win the Race - Start a Revolution.

As the convergence of games and screen media becomes more prevalent via avenues such as Twitch, and YouTube Gaming, it is more important than ever for brands to span multiple sectors to penetrate their audiences. Interactive experiences provide a level of user engagement that passive video cannot, creating value, and enhancing customer relationships.

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