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Float and Bud Light Roll Out Virtual Fitting Room at Bud Light Party Conventions

Float and Bud Light unveiled the largest virtual fitting room of its kind at Bud Light Party Conventions in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York this month. The digital experience promoted Bud Light’s new line of apparel and merchandise.


When visitors stood in front of the enormous seven by seven foot screen, Bud Light “swag” was digitally superimposed on their body, giving partygoers the opportunity to see themselves wearing the products, without having to physically try them on. Once satisfied with their selected item, visitors could snap a photo of themselves wearing the digital merchandise. The photo could then be shared on social media.

This is not the first time Bud Light and Float have implemented cutting edge technology at major brand events. Earlier this year at South by Southwest the pair featured a touch screen eCommerce experience at its Bud Light Factory, where visitors could browse Bud Light merchandise and enter for a chance to win free swag.

Float Hybrid was appointed by Anheuser Busch earlier this year as the company’s agency of record for sports innovation. The partnership is focused on exploring digitally enabling technologies that shape how consumers are interacting with sports and brands. Anheuser Busch understands the importance of leveraging technology specialists to help navigate the world of digital innovation, especially with the rise of new content mediums like virtual and augmented reality. The partnership with Float Hybrid allows the largest beer company in the world to have its pulse on the latest technology innovations and applications.

The virtual fitting room was a big hit at the Bud Light Party Conventions, delighting hundreds of attendees and driving heightened social media engagement surrounding the events. Fans can expect plenty more to come as Anheuser Busch and Float gear up for the 2016 NFL season.

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