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Float and ShopperTrak Build Next Generation Interactive Retail Lab

ShopperTrak Lab provides a glimpse into the future of retail.

Float and ShopperTrak Labs partnered to build an interactive retail lab that demonstrates cutting edge retail technologies and shopper experiences. The lab features technologies including intelligent shelving, camera and image based sensors, smart mats, electronic shelf labels, RFID tags and more.


ShopperTrak formed the Labs group in 2015 to discover technologies and foster relationships with emerging and established tech leaders. “At ShopperTrak, we are committed to driving advancements that will shape retail for years to come,” says Dave Wiens, Director at ShopperTrak Labs. “We partnered with Float to help build a lab experience that leverages cutting edge technologies that retailers can implement and scale today.”

The lab brings retailers and brands together to demonstrate the technology that is available to retailers, understand how to implement technology effectively, and the importance of leveraging technology to improve the in-store experience in a digital world.

The lab features stations of technologies that all create personalized shopping experiences. Three stations that are being highlighted by ShopperTrak and Float include:

1. Interactive window display

Shoppers can access information from outside of the store by interacting with the window display. The display uses Float’s Anything Interactive technology to create a touchless screen experience that responds to shoppers when they place their hand over the window glass.

2. Interactive seasonal shelf

When shoppers approach the display, a welcome message is delivered educating them that the display is interactive. When shoppers then touch the products and labels, content pertaining to those products is delivered in real time. Electronic shelf labels are featured on the shelves and allow the retailer to control the prices of the products. Prices can be changed based on a number of variables including time of day, weather and season.

3. Interactive Shoe Wall

When shoppers take a shoe off of the display, video content pertaining to that brand and specific shoe style is displayed in the place of the shoe. The display features a large screen LCD as the backdrop of the shoes, creating a beautiful immersive experience for the shopper.

Every display in the lab is collecting data across the consumer journey. Information pertaining to how long people stand in front of the displays, what products and labels they touch, where they move about the space, and more are collected and analyzed to make better in-store decisions.

“This is the future of retail,” says Keith Bendes, Director of Business Development at Float. “Float and ShopperTrak are inviting everyone to come build that future together.”

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