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Float and Spafax Feature Interactive Exhibit at APEX Conference in Singapore

Exhibit showcases new way of communicating with clients at trade shows.


Spafax, a premier international content marketing agency, partnered with Float to

create a fully interactive experience to be featured in the Spafax booth at the iconic

2016 APEX conference in Singapore. “Spafax was looking for a way to communicate with clients in a fun, new, interactive way that effectively demonstrates the companies various products and services,” explains Ben Mattress, Creative Director at Float. “We took our Anything Interactive technology that is typically used for retail displays, and flipped the experience to be an interactive floor grid.”

The exhibit featured a large screen display placed in front of a floor grid consisting

of various Spafax client logos. Footprints on the floor in front of the logos designated where the user should stand to start the experience. When a user stepped onto the footprints, the content on screen changed to inform the user that the icons on the floor in front of them were interactive, and that stepping on a client logo would launch personalized content pertaining to Spafax’s work with that client.

Visitors of the conference watched client tutorials and case studies by simply

stepping on the different floor icons. The experience thus became an assisted

selling tool for Spafax, allowing all booth attendees to learn about the company

and their service offerings without needing to find a Spafax employee. “We have a

wide breadth of services that our clients value greatly,” says Al St. Germain, Vice

President at Spafax. “Communicating those services in a concise, effective manner

is critical to educate visitors of the conference that otherwise may not know how

much we do here at Spafax.

The interactive exhibit that we built with Float allowed us to accomplish that goal with a highly engaging and cost efficient system.” The Anything Interactive system is completely customizable, allowing Spafax to change the grid layout, client logos being featured, and content pertaining to each logo from anywhere in the world. This allows Spafax to optimize the experience with highly personalized content.

Visitors of the Spafax booth in Singapore were delighted to find an innovative

experience that broke the norm of typical trade show exhibits. Singapore will

certainly not be the last time that Spafax showcases cutting edge interactive


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